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Arwen Saxon
Sullivan Productions
He’s professional...
he’s reliable.
Corey Dissin
Propulsion Media Labs
Extremely directable and versatile.
Gary Moskowitz
Baker Sound Studios
Doug nails it
every time.
Jake Redman
Sirius XM Satellite Radio
Brings the written word to life.
John E. Miller
Broadcast Arts Group
Great instincts!
Maurizio Passariello
Owner, Link Advertising
An excellent
and reliable talent.
Michael Savitz
Shoot Florida
Best voice
in the business!
Steve Swenson
Doug makes my job
a lot easier.
Stuart Poltrock
Sound Post Studios
Doug’s talent is obvious.
Wayne Murray
Discovery Latin America
Always hits the spot.
Amy Levine

Who is the UNnouncer?

It’s me, Doug Turkel.

I’m a dad. A husband. A son. A brother. You know…a real person. Just like you.

No one’s ever said to me, “Wow! You have a great voice…you should be on the radio!” And that’s exactly the point. My everyman sound is what’s allowed me to be the voice of more than 15,000 commercials, thousands of corporate and e-learning modules, a bunch of radio stations, and even a few TV networks over the last 25+ years.


Doug who?

Oh, wait! I know you!

Even if you don’t know my name, you definitely know my voice.

And the fact that I love what I do means that every day in the studio is a blast. It’s the little things; like getting to chew on an interesting turn of phrase, or finding just the right way to deliver the message you want your project to communicate.

Will I ever sound like the gritty Monster Truck guy? Nope. Not really my thing. But if you’re looking to communicate a real message to real people, with a guy who sounds like…a guy? I’m your guy.


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