The iPad 2 in the Voiceover Booth

Voice Over Scripts

Too Many Old Voice Over Scripts

Tired of wasting reams of paper and having just made the move to turn UNnouncer Central into a paperless environment by adding an iPad 2 to the mix, I’ve been on the hunt for a hands-free way to mount the iPad in my voiceover booth. As it turns out, there are lot of options for the original iPad. From the minimalist PadFoot,

Minimalist iPad Stand for Voiceover Booth

The Padfoot iPad Stand

(just over 4 inches long and weighing in at only 10 grams), to the iKlip Universal Microphone Stand Adapter for iPad (beware: “Universal” refers to mic stands, not to iPads…it won’t fit an iPad 2) and the Griffin Mic Stand Mount for iPad,  there are plenty of options for the orignal iPad. Finding one for the iPad 2 took a bit more searching.

The XClip™

The XClip™ iPad 2 Stand

For simple mic stand mounting, the XClip simply screws on to any standard mic stand, holding the iPad 2 securely. For something with a bit more flexibility, you might want to check out the The GigEasy™ system.

The GigEasy™

The GigEasy™ iPad 2 Mounting Solution

In addition to the standard Mic stand mount, the GigEasy™ is available with a number of accessories. The Mic Stand Mount Extension Arm Kit allows you to mount the iPad 2 on the same stand as your microphone. The VESA Mount Kit allows you to attach the iPad 2 to any standard 75 mm VESA monitor arm. There’s even an attachment that allows you to turn your existing Manhasset Music Stand into an iPad 2 Music Stand.

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  • Bob Souer May 11, 2011, 12:00 pm


    Brilliant work tracking these ideas down. Thank you for this!

    Be well,

  • Rod Bayron July 18, 2011, 3:19 pm


    I like the X-Clip. Didn’t know there was something like that out there. Thanks.