Outstanding Commercial Demo – “Best Voiceover” Finalist

So yeah, I get it. Really I do. It can be awkward for someone to jump up down and scream “HEY, LOOK AT ME AND THIS AWESOME THING I DID!”

So please know that I’m sitting down and sharing this with you very calmly. ?

Also…this wasn’t really something “I” did, it was truly a team effort. I mean, yeah, I said some words out loud, but the incomparable J. Michael Collins (Producer/Director) and the supremely talented AJ McKay (Engineer) are the secret sauce that helped it come alive.

Being nominated as a finalist in the Outstanding Commercial Demo – Best Voiceover category at the VO world’s largest awards competition, The Voice Arts® Awards, is a welcome bright spot in a year that’s seen far too few of them.

And while it’d be great to win, that’s very much secondary. I’m especially proud to say that I’m friends with almost everyone else who’s been nominated in our category, and I have great respect for the work they all do in the booth.

Take a listen to the demo that earned me the nomination: