Doug Turkel

So yeah, I get it. Really I do. It can be awkward for someone to jump up down and scream “HEY, LOOK AT ME AND THIS AWESOME THING I DID!” So please know that I’m sitting down and sharing this with you very calmly. ? Also…this wasn’t really something “I” did, it was truly a Read more

Audio description is narration that’s added to the soundtrack of movies and television shows to describe important visual details that can’t be understood from the dialogue alone. It helps to inform individuals who are blind or who have low vision about visual content that’s essential for comprehension and enjoyment Read more

Lately, it seems that people who are convinced that doing voiceovers from home is a quick and easy way to make big money aren’t the only ones who are discovering our fabulous little industry. Scammers want in too. By all reports, they’ve been hitting the VO community pretty hard over the past few months, so I’m <-- READ MORE -->